DAVID A. GILBERT, M.D. crazy solution to his failed surgery

His Crazy surgery Letter

This letter shows another great idea from David A. Gilbert, MD.

The letter details his plan for additional surgery to correct the failed surgery.

Don't you think this is a great idea!!....ha...ha!

The only reason my problem is complex is because of the injures caused with his crazy surgery.

If I were to accept this crazy surgery you can only imagine the leg pain, and problems I would have.

Think about it….

Sewing your top, and bottom thigh muscles together??... Don’t you think I would be in a wheel chair rolling around with an IV of morphine.

Oh! Another thing, watch out for that “Body Scam”, or I mean “Body Scan”. I would not pay money for this service. I can see if you are a fashion designer!... but a Plastic Surgeon using this scam?

This body scam uses two video cameras to digitize your body image in a three dimensional image, and than displays it on a computer screen. The image provides a low resolution graphic outline of your body, and does not gather any analytical information needed for a surgeon. It could possibly be used for a fashion designer to display clothing on a body image. The best antilogy that explains the use of this technology in the medical field is snake oil. This is simply a gimmick to waste your money, and time.

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