DAVID A. GILBERT, M.D. F.R.C.S.(C), F.A.C.S was in trouble with the Virginia State Medical Board

Notice 1993
Order 1994
Notice 1995
Notice No.95-108
Order 1995

It appears Doctor David Gilbert found himself in trouble with the State of Virginia Medical Board. In reading these case files posted on the Virginia Medical Board web site, “http://www.vahealthprovider.com/” that David Gilbert indiscriminately and excessively prescribed huge amounts of schedule II, III, IV, & VI narcotics to a known drug abusing patient.
This raises some questions on why he would do this. Possibly he may have had some type of relationship with this person, but apparently this has not been proven, or he could have lost his license.
The other thought is maybe this doctor injured this patient like he did me, and she needs lots of pain medication.

It also states that he does not keep proper medical records.

If this doctor is capable of this type of what I think is unethical practice, than lookout patents. Based on these findings, and my surgical injury experience, it seems that profit to him means more then proper standard of care.

I requested from Doctor Gilbert my medical records, and before and after photos. He refuses to provide me with the medical records, and photos after four certified request starting in October 7, 2005. It wasn't unil March 2006 when I received some of my medical records with a help of an attorney. It took several more request from my attorney to receive most, but not all of my requested records which was received in June 2006. My guess is he was trying to hiding something, and possibly he may have destroy copies of the exam photo's which proves his damages with a before, and after photo. This Doctor is in my opinion a scam artist.